Friday, August 17, 2012

My Holotope Discovery for Meditations & Renewal

I awoke having a clear realization, a feeling in my heart that spoke to me: “You were born from the light to spread the light.” The night before while doing a meditation during a weekend workshop, I had been guided through this life changing, amazing meditation with eyes open. I viewed this very large “Holotope” which is a beautiful 8 dimensional, multicolored intricate set of lines of fractal dimensions. The Holotope opens a gateway or portal into uncharted territory inside our inner self to awaken the sleeping grandness of ourselves that we've yet to discover.  It enhances one's journey by showing a multicolored light dance. This mesmerizing dance on canvas art work best relates to the ancient Mandala.

I awoke feeling incredibly peaceful. The best way to describe my feelings would be to say, my soul was refreshed. I realized I was meant to share this amazing gift, because if I had this awakening, imagine the gifts are to be spread by spreading this Holotope experience (click to preview).  I jumped on a plane to San Francisco to learn how to work with it alongside the creator Kirby Sied. The Holotope is an amazing blessing for all that come into contact with it.

Even though there are no scientific studies about this yet, what is actually happening, while viewing the Holotope is: We are all made of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. What if by watching this “holotope,” with its multidimensional factals they can some how reprogram our cellular structure. Kind of a tune up of sorts.

Does it really matter how if you leave feeling better or get inspiration? I believe this Holotope experience can really set wonderful things in motion, your motion (momentum) matters. A wise woman once told me “when you show up big for the Universe, the Universe takes notice and shows up big for you.”  I’m choosing to be the conduit of this form the Universe has given me to lead guided Meditation’s.  These meditations, with the Holotope, are another resource to empower myself and others. From my Holotope experiences, I now view everything around me from a different vantage point and with a renewed charge for my engine of life. I would like everyone to feel and have more refreshment in their lives too!

I lead private meditation sessions with the Holotope.  This is the only public Holotope in Europe. Click to learn more.